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Hi I'm Dr.Mohamed Inshan

Dr. Mohamed Inshan was born in Toronto, Canada and grew up in Orlando Florida. He Attended University of South Florida where he earned his bachelor’s in biomedical sciences. He also minored in public health and biomedical physics. Dr. Inshan attended National University of Health sciences in Chicago where he earned his doctorate in chiropractic medicine.

At a very young age Dr. Inshan knew his mission in life was to help people, but he wasn’t sure how. Throughout his adolescence he was very passionate about sports. It wasn’t until 10th grade when he was in a serious car accident that changed his entire life. Doctors instructed him to get surgery and told him that there was no way his activity level would be the same.

Dr. Inshan was in chronic pain, having herniated numerous disks throughout his spine. He and his family had a critical decision to make. Do they opt for invasive surgery or take a more conservative approach to treatment? Dr. Inshan and his family determined that a conservative approach to treatment was the best course of action.

Dr. Inshan went through 12 months of consistent chiropractic care and physical therapy. Thanks to the great work of the doctors, he made a phenomenal recovery. Dr. Inshan continues to receive regular spinal adjustments and is now relatively pain free! Because of the incredible results he obtained through consistent chiropractic care Dr. Inshan was ultimately inspired to become the amazing doctor that he is today. His internal driving force to help others live life to their full potential stems from the results and relationships he built with his own personal doctors as a young adult who needed the type of care that he now provides!

Dr. Inshan is continuously working on his skillset and holds multiple certificates in advanced treatment techniques. He is always striving to bring his patients the latest and most advanced cutting-edge care. He is an adamant believer that every person is different, and each treatment should be customized and tailor made to the individual.

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