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Dr.Mohamed Inshan

From an early age, Dr. Mohamed Inshan had always felt the need to help people. But it wasn’t until he experienced serious and ongoing personal health issues as a teen that drew him to his calling: easing the suffering of people with acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain and other debilitating conditions. “I think it’s my destiny to bring about positive changes that enhance my patients’ well-being,” says Dr. Inshan, who opened Williamsburg Physical Medicine, a chiropractic and physical therapy clinic, eight years ago. “I know how frustrated many of my patients, especially those over 40 feel. They’re in constant pain and it’s preventing them from the lifestyle they want to live.”

Exhibiting an enthusiastic attitude and personal manner, Dr. Inshan connects with patients in a holistic manner by examining their medical histories, developing appropriate non-invasive, customized care plans and then fine-tuning them as patients progress through their treatments. He and his staff safely use traditional chiropractic methods such as adjustments to the spine and other parts of the body to correct alignment issues, lessen pain and improve functionality. But he also uses physical therapy techniques and state-of-the-art technology aimed toward patients’ specific needs.

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